Fire And Life Safety Protection


Trilex Photo Electric Smoke Detectors Trilex Photo Electric Smoke Detectors: there are two types of smoke detectors, ionization and photoelectric. Ionization units use chemical reactions to detect the presence of smoke and respond well to fast-flaming fires, such as paper. Photoelectric detectors work best for slower, smouldering fires, which are more common in typical residences.
Trilex Rate of Rise Heat Detectors: there are also two types of heat detectors, fixed temperature and rate-of-rise. Fixed temperature components activate once a room reaches a predetermined temperature, usually 135′ F or 190′ F. Rate-of-rise heat detectors have fixed temperature sensors but they can also detect rapid increases in temperature.Smoke detectors can detect smoke from a smouldering fire, long before a fire actually erupts. Heat detectors, in contrast, can only be activated by high heat levels generated by a fully engulfed fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends one smoke detector for every 900 square feet of living area. In addition, smoke detectors should be placed within 15 feet of all sleeping areas. Your home’s specific needs should be confirmed with your Trilex Security consultant.
Trilex Carbon Monoxide Detectors Trilex Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon Monoxide has been called the silent killer. Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that’s invisible and odorless.

Defective furnaces and car engines left running in a garage are among the source of the gas that can kill while you sleep.

Your Trilex Carbon Monoxide detectors offer valuable protection by alerting you to the presence of this gas and notify our monitoring center.


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