Burglar Protection


Burglar Protection

Trilex Master Control Panel Trilex Master Control Panel is home to the CPU (Central Processing Unit),
the brains of the system. Based on information it receives from the keypad and alarm sensors, it decides when to sound the sirens or report to the central monitoring station. For hard-wired systems, the master control panel usually is a wall-mounted metal cabinet installed in a closet or the basement.
Trilex Keypad Trilex Keypad is the system’s command center. It’s where you arm and disarm the system and also where you silence a sounding alarm (usually by entering your system’s code number on a keypad). Most of our keypads also have a panic button that you can press at any time to sound the alarm and, in monitored systems, to notify the central monitoring station of an emergency.
Trilex Pet Friendly Motion Detectors Trilex Pet Friendly Motion Detectors: these sensors use infrared beams to detect any motion inside the premise and should be placed in central areas like main hallways and stairwells.
Trilex Door and Window Contacts Trilex Door and Window Contacts: these magnetic contacts create an electrical current between adjoining magnets located on a door and a doorframe or a window and a windowsill. If the door or window is opened, the current is broken and the alarm is tripped. They should be located on every door and window large enough to grant access to your home.
Trilex Glass Breakage Sensors Trilex Glass Breakage Sensors: these components placed on windows which can detect vibrations when glass is broken to gain entry to your buisness.
Lawn Signs and Window Decals Lawn Signs and Window Decals: These Premises are protected by Trilex Security signs and decals warn intruders that your premises are protected by a premiere security provider.


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