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Congratulations to Pat Palmer from Ottawa on winning the 50" Sharp Smart TV Draw.  The draw took place on Feb. 4th 2017.


TELEGARD™ is Protectron’s exclusive automated communication service. You can receive information on your security system and certain site equipment wherever you are, through your cell phone, computer, or pager by text messaging (SMS).
For example, you can receive confirmation that your employee has in fact opened the business or left the office at the expected time by means of an arming/disarming signal from your Protectron security system. Be immediately advised of any sudden change in temperature of a freezer and thus avoid inventory losses. Whatever happens, you maintain contact with the protected site.

The service sends you a full range of information, including that listed below, depending on the plan you choose. TELEGARD™ is a human and technical resource management tool that saves you time and money and serves as a sentry you can always count on.

  • Alarm System Activation & Deactivation Monitoring
    TELEGARD™ informs you if your system is activate at the end of the day, if one of your employees enters the premises after working hours, and more.
  • Equipment Monitoring (Mechanical Supervision)
    TELEGARD™ informs you in real time of major temperature variations at your site or certain mechanical malfunctions in your production equipment. These are just two examples of the information TELEGARD™ can provide our manufacturing, industrial, institutional, retail, and agricultural clientele.
  • System Activity Reports
    Complete, periodic reports sent electronically or in print are invaluable tools to help you manage and plan your security system.

Put an end to unnecessary trips! You or the duty person can now immediately know the exact nature of the signal. Simplicity, mobility, flexibility and speed of information – that's TELEGARD! What could be more reassuring?

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