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In most, if not all municipalities, alarm systems may not be connected directly to the police as a result of municipal by-laws. In order to receive response and dispatch the proper authority, customers must rely on a monitoring station.

While there are few other companies that install and monitor their own accounts, there are many more that install systems and contract with a third party monitoring facility.  When you are deciding on which company to use, be sure to understand the service provided. Trilex Security and Protectron use only Protectron owned and operated high-tech centers.  Our monitoring centers are designed to meet the most demanding ULC standards. Moreover, through its qualified staff and state-of-the-art technology, the monitoring centers offer you a wide range of added-value services that will increase your security or facilitate the management of your business.

A key consideration when customers choose their security company is the features of their monitoring service. Virtually all companies will offer 24 hour monitoring, but there are other aspects of service for customers to research, including:

In addition to all the above services, our monitoring centers offer a wide variety of specialized services designed to meet all our customers’ needs.


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